Phoenix 9/16/14. 

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So…he had the Mexican flag..and then put it in his shirt. 


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Anonymous asked: youtube(.)com/watch?v=Cmd8NILAkEk They aren't even hiding it much like from 9:40-10:00 and even like at 10:26 when harry asks Louis is he wants a bite and the insane sexual tension all the time like at 11:25-11:30 I haven't seen this interview before and their SO together...just like they always are but I just haven't seen this specific one yet



This is like the easiest game of spot the couple ever. I’m Zayn.

They’re just in their own little world sniffing and eating the pie. Are they aware they’ve got an interview going on? 

And then Louis comments that it’s terrible for your breath. Why you so concerned, pal???

Harry offers him a bite :( SO CONSIDERATE :(

And then they do that thing where they can’t not touch each other for 2 freaking seconds so they nudge their legs up against each other. I feel like I shouldn’t even be watching. Everyone should just leave the room and give them some time to themselves. I think they need it.

Domestic in every sense of the word. And this is why we don’t get interviews anymore. Because it’s impossible for the boyfriends to not act like they’re married. 



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Anonymous asked: What is going on with Liam, I don't see anything on my dash.

There are homoerotic nude pictures of a guy that kind of looks like Liam on what appear to be a hotel bed, and then pictures of him with another guy.

It’s almost definitely not Liam though, but the situation is hysterical.

I am 95% sure that’s not Liam but this is really entertaining.

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larryappreciation experiences Up All Night for the first time

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You read reviews, you drink, you eat ice cream, you cry a lot. You watch the inevitable interviews, wait.

Reasons to take the album release day off of work by OG

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Anonymous asked: BOTH. a clean room = a beautiful mind. &can you pls give me the link to your hl wedding fic and im so excited for your fics the prompts sound so gooooodd!!!

I cleaned the kitchen. Does that count? (I should probably clean my bedroom. It’s scary.)

This is the wedding fic. Shame I can’t give you the link to my Summerfest fic ;). And thanks! Hopefully I’ll write them soon :) :) Working on it! 

Anonymous asked: What is this fic about? Just a little taster please? I really enjoyed the wedding fic btw. Can't wait to read your next one. No pressure! :p

Hi lovely :) Glad you liked the wedding fic!! <3

I’m working on a number of fics right now, but the one I’d probably be writing if I was writing right now (I’m cleaning) is an AU where Louis goes to visit his grandmother, and Harry is doing volunteer song-circles at her nursing home! It runs a parallel story where Louis is explaining the whole thing to Zayn in real time.

I’m also writing a fic about Harry and Louis babysitting, a huge massive thing for 1D Big Bang, and something for the HL Winter Fic exchange. Oh and I’m pretty sure I’m writing something for IGs birthday in November shhhh

ALSO I wrote something for HL Summerfest, so if you can find that you can read something a little earlier. Can’t outright say which one’s mine til the fics are revealed though!